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I'd Rather Have Nothing (SBFP Fan Album)

by Various SBFP Fans

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(I thought it felt like butterflies caressing my naked body) "The door sure does rattle, but it's stuck tight. A secret is hidden out of your sight! You may be thinking, 'What could it be?' You'll need five magical c-cards if you want to see. What do you do, then, with all these? I'll tell you straight and I won't tease — Just as long as you say 'please'. (oh what is all this?) But that is not the half of it: Three would be too hard to fit. The upside-down man under the ground: To his right, to his left, there's no one around. Leave him alone, though his tears (what) are profound. (yo) (yo) The moon is up above the sky, full or crescent, floating high. T-Twinkling light sits like a crown in the head of a crazy clown. (haha) Your Excellency, Praying to God most high, do you think you can tell my why you always look up at the night sky? (Detroit!) Do you have it now? You didn't forget? One major point you must not omit. And now, at last, before you tack a whack, here's one more hint to keep you on track. (YO) Scary and hateful, that thing in the night. Better be careful — it's not on your right! Turn to the left and you'll keep it in sight. (hahaha) So you'll open the door? I'm sure that there'll be nothing beyond it but frightening peril. Forget about that! Just stay and play! Or else I'll be left here alone all day." (that wasn't as good) (Yeah it's not as hip-hop)


Fan album made to give tribute to the HYPEST! channel on youtube, TheSw1tcher!!!

Title voted on by fans.


released June 30, 2017

Tekraider, Infernal Imp, stemodity, Simpsonill, F Liebowits, CMW chris, Daydream Anatomy

Cover/patrap art/rising star by Phearo

Black blackity track art by by Corn-on-Fire -
twitter: twitter.com/Corn_on_fire

F Liebowits did his own art for his track.

CMW Chris art used on pat theme remix, but edited by stratkat

Both green green covers edited by stratkat, original drawn by tukoo-tukoo.deviantart.com/art/The-Super-Best-Friends-as-Kirby-643977290

Stratkat (daydream anatomy,) with help from every participating member.

Special thanks to the zaibatsu for existing and being awesome enough to inspire us to create this tribute to them. And to scrubcore the first best friends fan album.


all rights reserved



Daydream Anatomy Pittsfield, Illinois

Founded in 2010 by stratkat (kyle but most call me strat)

I make all sorts of music, mostly electronic, but I started as a metal guitarist.

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